“You were made on purpose and perfectly. You are worthy of love, safety and joy. You are just the right amount of everything; never too much, or too little. You need those that help you remember who you are, not reinforce what you are not.”


- Jacquie


Thank you so much for visiting.  


Whatever led you here, I want to trek the creative wild and follow the voice that is always calling with you. , dialogue and be intimate with the elements of life and given them expression. I want to help you heal and dare to follow the blueprints of creation wherever they lead. , dream and find true belonging.


I want to come into intimate relationship with life and restore connection to the Feminine Source with you. 


From my own awakening to The Feminine Way, I know firsthand the most important journey we will ever make is the one inside the self. I know, too, how daunting it can be to begin finding our own truth instead of relying on societal conditioning and the legacy of handed down beliefs.  


My own journey to finding what engages me on every level, makes me feel alive, drives me incessantly forward, transforms me moment-to-moment, began slowly from a life of introspection, feeling like a misfit, wondering what my “true” path was. Then, beginning in 2008 and climaxing in 2013, a series of traumatic losses and a cancer diagnosis unfolded, and the life I had known collapsed. Stripped of an identity I could feel secure in, I was left shaken and terrified. I didn’t know who or what to trust. I began to question everything: what I knew and wanted; why I was here on earth; what I had to offer. 


And thus, began my quest to remember the truth I held within and my own awakening to the new creative age that we are all living in.  


I discovered spiritual awakening isn’t birthed all at once and no two journeys are alike. We each ultimately walk our own unique path, manifest our own visions, and express ourselves in our own distinctive and beautiful ways. And, though awakening is largely an individual journey, the good news is we are not alone and there are guides, resources and tools to help us face moments of uncertainty, and move through roadblocks to find the wisdom and genius that comes from deep inside! 


I am such a guide, one who has made the journey before. And the gatherings, courses and retreats I offer are the same practices and tools I unearthed during my own awakening. My offerings are resources that can:  


Connect you with your truth and your clarity.

Unravel stories and beliefs that no longer serve.

Give you the courage to make positive changes in your life, starting now.

Assist you in seeing through culturally-supported fear and the amnesia it begets.

Help you recognize and claim your unique spiritual resources and provisions.

Build up your trust in spirit.

Give you back the sovereign creator-self of your own life, so you can create what you want with passion, joy, confidence and love.


Awakening is how your new future is born, a creative age in which we re-assemble our creator selves and become the "ones who see". An age in which hearts and minds are ruled by love instead of fear, every being is comfortable in their own skin, and all are honored for their natural genius and ability to birth into this world their highest vision of self. 


On this journey, I am here in support.