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My Story

Visioneering isn’t birthed all at once, often we become visioneers from a life of introspection, feeling like a misfit, wondering what our “true” path is.  For me, I believe I had to grow into my role as a Visioneer… I was born in Truckee, California on the shores of Lake Tahoe to immigrant parents, went to school for communications, moved to LA for graduate school and began working in the field of public relations and marketing. In 1994 while I was raising a family and doing marketing and interiors for my husband’s development projects, I got my first taste of visioneering, when I was compelled by an inner desire to lead retreats. It was what I, myself, craved. This was before there was a real blueprint for it. In time, this would grow into my life work. Part of my training would include becoming a Reiki practitioner, a self-taught visual and expressive artist, forays into the residential and commercial real estate world, and becoming trained as Gateless Trained Facilitator.  

While this may seem like a clear path that led straight to my work as a Visioneer, I am in fact exactly like you. On this path, I’ve been through trauma, I’ve been stripped of my voice and my power, been rejected, felt invisible, and unworthy. My creativity has been stifled. I’ve lived someone else’s dream instead of my own.


Perhaps at some point every one of us has lost track of the powerful landscape we hold within. Visioneering is about finding that landscape again and moving into the future from there. It is possible to live the vision, to shine brightly. 


Visioneering is also about us coming together. This gives us the capacity to re-write our stories, re-imagine our relationships, and heal ourselves. This is the new future.  Everyone is necessary. Every person is powerful and your vision is possible!  


And in this journey of moving into your highest vision of yourself, the visioneering community is here for you. Using the brain science and ancient Zen techniques of the Gateless methodology, we engage in the power in each other’s stories and lean into one another’s innate talent. This methodology and our belief in one another can create vast landscapes of opportunity. Together we will become Visioneers of a new, beautiful reality. This is my life’s work. 


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