During times of new beginnings and transition, we could all use a mentor, a trusted friend, an ally, to help us remember the truth for ourselves. Dedicated to deep inquiry and profound nurturing sessions with me are unique invitations to focus on you. 


The work we do together fuses creativity, brains science and radical nurturing to support unwinding yourself from what is unnecessary and reorient yourself toward what has much more meaning. It brings attention to what you know in your heart and supports your ability to see clearly, claim your spiritual power and move toward expanded horizons. As we connect to your creative genius and support you, we move you into your best vision of yourself.


Sessions with me are built on the power and potency of belief. 


  • I believe in the capacity of all beings to re-write their stories, re-imagine their relationships, heal themselves, become love embodied, and create the life of their dreams. 


  • I believe we are each our own greatest teacher and wisest guide. I believe in you. You matter. I believe in your potential, your gifts and your conscious readiness to awaken.


  • I believe you have everything within you, nothing is missing. Anything is possible and yet nothing is certain. 


Together we can create a journey of awakening that is swift, sweet and incredibly creative and joyful!

  • Side by side we can awaken a new creative age.

    55 min

    125 US dollars

Saturday & Sunday hours are available by request.