Awakening a New Creative Age.


Perhaps at some point every one of us has lost sight of the powerful landscape we hold within. A place of connection, creative genius, power and truth. A place within the self that houses “something” magical and wildly creative, which intellectual knowledge and the thinking mind can neither see nor follow. “Something” that calls you to find your singular place in the world and share it with passion and joy. Awakening is about finding that “something” again and moving into the future from there, knowing it is possible to unapologetically live out your genius and highest vision of self.


I know it’s frustrating to see old patterns repeat when what you genuinely desire is   change. It’s easy to feel insignificant, lonely and hollowed-out if you are blind to your own truth and unique point of view. Unfortunately, in our modern world feeling broken, “at the end of your rope” or “less-than” is more common than being at peace, happy and fulfilled. Trust me, I know firsthand how terrifying it is to feel powerless in your life. The sense of helplessness and uncertainty that accompany a walk through shadows of trauma and loss. How spirit-diminishing it can be to fulfill societal myths instead of your own potential. And, how exhausting it is to unknowingly give power over to meeting the expectations of others instead of expressing self. And perhaps more than anything, I know how scary it is to step forward on your own behalf and begin a journey toward that place within that houses your connection to the mysterious “something” you have been longing for. 


The good news is you are not alone! You are far more powerful than you have been led to believe. You know what truth feels like. You are uniquely provisioned to breakthrough any roadblock and untangle any belief which no longer resonates as true. You know how to best re-write your story and effect the change you seek. You are able to heal your hurts and transform your life. All you have to do is take the first step… be willing to awaken a new creative vision and cultivate a connection to your truth. 


And in the journey of awakening I am here for you. I can help you find the place within that holds your creative vision, creative agency and the Visionkeeper of your life. That, is my life’s work.

It Starts With a New Creative Vision

Speaks to those who are on the cusp of change, thresholds of transition, shifting archetypes and identity. Retirement, Divorce, Financial collapse, Empty Nest, health / healing crisis. Asking Who Am I? What/where do I go next?

Unleash Your Genius

6-week Virtual Hive that moves participants from self-paced exploration into community. Level 2 course deepens practice of stilling the critic and introduces inquiry and inner excavation exercises, peer-based feedback and mirroring to silence parts of the brain associated with criticism, builds and strengthen creative agency, voice and heart-centered connection to self and other.

Be The Artist of Your Life

Releasing the conditioning that gives rise to Spiritual confusion, creative stagnation, dissatisfaction with life’s trajectory. Greater personal freedom, creative agency, self-healing, transformation