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Creative Escapes

As women we have been imbued with the power of vision, the ability to create what we imagine. We are visionary channels of greatness, capable of tuning into any voice, time or event and give it expression. As women, we are also living through a time of transformation. We are on the cusp of change, hearing the call to burst through old patterning and re-awaken our relationship to power as we rekindle our love affair with Source.

In this time of transformation, we are being charged to find balance, use our ability to see in the dark, and re-awaken our sensory awareness.  This re-awakening will lead to a profound understanding of the greater self. Visioneering is how we see through the filters of the human condition, lay down the weight of our lives, including thoughts, ideas, judgments, control, and timing and tune into the frequencies that draw us toward the creative energies of life that heal and create the embodiment of more love.

If you yearn for more joy, energy, healing and creative self-expression, come. If you often feel sensitive, vulnerable and overwhelmed by life, come Into the Hive. If you have a deep desire to spend time with like-hearted women in this age of feminine re-awakening, come Into The Hive. If you have for too long fulfilled the expectations of others and are now standing on the threshold of change, wary of upsetting the balance, come Into the Hive.  If you want to reawaken a sense of power and agency in your life and to explore and nurture the soul in a safe, supportive gathering, come Into the Hive and walk into the power and the mystery of the true self. 


You did not come to here by accident, the greater mystery is calling. It is time to answer the call and bring the highest vision of your self back to life. Come. Join the growing tribe of Visioneering women as we create The New Landscape of Power.


Creative Escapes:

Writing, Art and Visioneering for Women 

Four Days of Writing, Intuitive Art and a Hive of Belonging



New Escapes coming in 2020:

Santa Fe, NM - Spring

Atlanta, GA - Spring

Half Moon Bay, CA - Summer

Sedona, AZ - Fall


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