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Hello and Welcome to Gateless Writing!


That which you seek lives inside you, right now! 


And, even if you don’t have any idea how to cultivate your connection to that power or your capacity to exert it, you can find and claim it and Gateless Writing can help. 


What is Gateless Writing?


Gateless Writing is a unique methodology that moves participants out of the very subtle state of fight-or-flight of contemporary culture, and into a creative landscape of limitless possibilities. 


The Gateless methodology is based on ancient Zen and contemporary brain science studies at Johns Hopkins, Stanford, Harvard and the National Institute of Health that have found that when we focus on what has energy, power and genius in our work, we can reach unbelievable heights in our creative expression.  


Gateless Writing Practices:

  • Celebrate your work rather than dictate what you should do.

  • Build you up rather than deconstruct your work.

  • Resource you rather than criticize you.

  • Encourage you rather than diminish with you.


Gateless works because:

  • The Gateless guidelines provide a clear structure and safe container within which to explore creative expression. This container pacifies the part of the brain looking for order so the writer is able to let go of the fear of being criticized and the creative mind is allowed to take over.

  • All prompts include a guided visualization to ground and balance your physical, emotional and mental body.

  • Prompts and guidelines help teach you how to recognize your own strength, power, and brilliance. 

  • This new “Gateless” way of seeing alchemizes and shifts the brain to “take in the good”, focus on the positive and help you do more of what’s working both on and off the page. 

  • In this model of positivity, you will begin to feel much more positive about yourself, freer. Limitless possibilities open up in your work and in your life.  


Before Setting Off on Your Gateless Writing Journey


I recommend downloading and familiarizing yourself with The Gateless Guidelines before you listen to the recorded audio prompt. 


  • You will need a pen, paper (a journal), or computer.

  • Turn off your phone and notifications. 

  • Set aside at least 30 – 45 minutes of uninterrupted “you” time. 


Before you listen to the prompt, make yourself comfortable. You will move directly from the prompt into the writing. 



The prompt is a guide and writing is the practice. The prompt is simply there to open you inward so that you can dive into your own wisdom and insight. Download the guidelines and listen to your prompt below. 

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