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Visioneering uses a unique methodology called Gateless to move participants out of the very subtle state of fight or flight we tend to find ourselves in with contemporary culture and into a creative landscape of limitless possibilities. This methodology is based on brain science studies at Johns Hopkins, Stanford, Harvard and the National Institute of Health which have found that criticism activates the fight or flight mechanism in the brain and limits access to the pre-frontal cortex.

Visioneering reverses the pattern. By silencing the part of the brain associated with criticism and focusing on core strengths and natural talent, we move into the incredible landscape of the imaginative mind.


In Visioneering we are able to see through human conditioning and find our true power and innate creative potency.


In Visioneering you start as an apprentice and become a Vision Keeper of your own life. 


Not only does this process create outward success and inner healing, you will also experience the potency of creative community and the bliss of inner exploration.


To find out more about Visioneering and the Gateless model, check out Into The Hive Courses and Creative Escapes Retreats.


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