Writing as Ritual: Becoming a Sacred Creator (begins August 10, 2020)

Writing as Ritual: Becoming a Sacred Creator (begins August 10, 2020)

A Jacquie Donahue, Awakening a New Creative Age 6-week Virtual Course


Welcome to Writing as Ritual: Becoming a Sacred Creator a course that awakens A New Creative Age and uses writing as a sacred vehicle to transcend the mundanity of the everyday. This course brings you into your full potential as an artist of your own life.


If you have ever used writing as a way to soothe confusion or find answers, if you have longed for a way to articulate grief and compost pain, if you have ever felt the incredible joy that comes from understanding that you are uniquely positioned to forge an intimate, lasting relationship with source, this course is for you.


This is a visionary practice of sacred rituals, shamanic writing and deep inquiry which lets us befriend the light and the shadow on our journey to become artists of our own lives.

    • Writing as Ritual: Become a Sacred Creator is a six-week virtual gathering.


    • Live sessions are held for 6 Mondays in August 10 - September 14, 2020, 4-6:30 pm PDT.


    • We will meet together via Uberconference, an audio/video and web conferencing service. In case you miss a session, it will be recorded and subsequently distributed. You will have access to the course for life.


    • You will receive weekly ritual practices and prompts from me (Jacquie) in your inbox.