Dare to discover what it means to restore the Feminine in a world that has long forsaken it.


At times gradual and at others startling, discovering what it means to embody the Feminine is a dynamic and on-going process of revelation and surprise, not a one time event. To walk the Feminine Way is to take the road less traveled, the spiral path walked by those who have dedicated themselves to the joy of discovery that occurs in seeing with new eyes and making the connections that ultimately provide a profound sense of wholeness and integration. 

Why get creative?


It's simple, creative expression is what you were made for, what you are here to do. Even if at times you question this truth. Try to cover it up. Tone it down. Hide from its demands. Censor its strangeness. Fear the intimacy being creative requires.


The truth is you are one of Creativity's chosen points of expression, a being capable of making energy come into form and it's time to honor that gift more fully, and these creative aids can help.


Shaped from my own journey and practice, these simple but practical approaches helped me develop real world skills that I still use. Some help still the critical mind. Others teach the power of listening and the importance of bearing witness. Many hold focus on observation, creative inquiry and the ability to see what is real and intuit truth. There are practices to help you ground into the body, tune into the senses, calm the nervous system and open new pathways of awareness . Templates to map and transform troubled thoughts, personal suffering or perceived "problems" into catalysts of change and activities to help you integrate what you are learning into your body.


Each aid can help you make your way into a more equanimous creative state of mind so you become better able to access and explore the immense and timeless network of the Feminine that is always calling and bring what you discover into form.


It is time. You are ready. Here are wings to help you fly.


Meditation & Yoga Nidra

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Fountain Pen



Soothe and calm, ground the body and clear your energetic field. Excellent during times of stress, uncertainty or overwhelm.

Spiritual aids and provisions to enhance discovery.

Move beyond the conditioned mind to see through old programing and the legacy of conditioning which limits rather than empowers. Jacquie’s prompts and Gateless Guidelines can help you follow the brilliance of your own creative genius.