At times gradual and at others startling, awakening is a dynamic and creative process, not a one time event. 


Awakening is a call to unlearn a long and oppressive history of living under false ideas and timing, while trying to create a kinder reality. 


The journey of awakening requires tools and support, gentle aids to move into those non-critical states where our innate intelligence, resilience, wisdom, power, and genius live. The journey may be quiet, bumpy or big, but it will alchemize you and blow apart so much of the conditioning that has kept your truth at bay. 


It is time. You are ready. Here are wings to help you fly.

Antidotes & Elixirs





Soothe and calm, ground the body and clear your energetic field. Excellent during times of stress, uncertainty or overwhelm.

Spiritual aids and provisions to help

Awaken a New Creative Age.

Move beyond the conditioned mind to see through old programing and the legacy of conditioning which limits rather than empowers. Jacquie’s prompts and Gateless Guidelines can help you follow the brilliance of your own creative genius.

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