If you’d love to cozy up on a beautiful little farm, laugh, be part of a tribe, get body-work, be wildly creative, and come face-to-face with the Source of your creativity, this creative spirit-rousing retreat is for you.



Trekking the Creative Wild

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Whether you long to fill an empty page or a blank canvas, begin a new relationship, build on an existing idea, or craft a healthier way of life, your creativity is here to help!


For four days you'll be surrounded by plenty of space to walk, enjoy nature, and slow down. You'll naturally find your own tempo, keep your finger on it, weave it into the cycles of your creative work, and be kind to yourself in the process. 


Under the guidance of your own inner wisdom and my mentoring eye, you'll learn to recognize and still the survival programming that keeps you small and separate from the source of your creativity. You'll surround yourself with what you love, open your senses, travel the curving pathways of your subtle body, trawl your own depths, chart the wilds of your imagination, and be playful with what you find. 


And, you'll share this creatively with others. 


And in response a clear-eyed, sure-voiced, inspired, wise and full of her own strength, reflection of YOU as the Feminine embodied, will rise to be recognized and celebrated. 


Lovingly conceived by me, Creativity Catalyst and Spiritual Mid-wife, Jacquie Donahue, Trekking the Creative Wild takes you beyond the act of originating something-- into the dynamic blueprint of the feminine Source-- where every breath, sunrise, encounter and creative impulse is a sacred portal into bliss, waiting to give your life new color, deeper meaning and creative freedom. 


And guess what? You're doing it now. Right now. You're trekking the creative wild. Following the blinking impulse within, that knows without thinking, and silently draws you toward what you love. 


Feels good, doesn't it?


So, keep doing it. And, I will too. Together, we'll open ourselves to life, move closer to that which our soul hungers to make real in our daily lives, and share what we find. 


What you will experience:


Visual & Intuitive Art Salons:  Daily play with art supplies, color, texture, and the shape of your feelings, gets you into your body and lets your inner muse and singular genius take over as you connect and create from your instinctual self.


Gateless Writing Sessions: Ancient Zen technique marries creative brain science in the art of Gateless Writing, allowing you to free the stories that have lived inside you, so you can move beyond woundings and grief and experience the bliss of creative ease.

Bodywork: Joy Cochran, a skilled massage therapist, will be on hand to move blocks out of the body while you are moving your creative energies onto paper, page and craft. This hands-on nurturing allows the body to associate sharing and the creative process with a natural bliss response, creating a future where the mind will move into acts of creation without resistance.

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Mindful Movement: Each morning and throughout the day you will gift your body with a gentle ritual of yoga or Pilates to increase sensory awareness and enhance the self-discovery process.  

Deep Rest: Enjoy the transformative power of deep rest and relaxation. Daily Yoga Nidra and meditation practices will help you tune in and radically awaken to the magic and Feminine Intellegence that your body and the universe hold.  

Image by Erik Brolin

The promise of Trekking the Creative Wild is you'll move back into your life changed, joyful, feeling resourced, uplifted, and more fully Alive!

Is This For You?


Trekking the Creative Wild is for you if:

  • You'd love to cozy up on a beautiful little farm, laugh, be part of a tribe, get bodywork, feast on home-cooked meals and be creative.

  • You've always wanted to write or make visual art but you're afraid of not being good enough.

  • You're ready to get into your body and out of your head.

  • You feel called to draw inspiration from your own life and ignite your own free-spirited creative adventure.

  • You long to discover your own unique visual voice and create in ways your can't yet imagine.

  • You are looking for tools to catch yourself in your own moments of fighting change + discover what invites you to go more deeply into the experience of being human.

  • You yearn for spirituality grounded in the reflection of a divine woman.

  • You are seeking an intimate community of like-minded women.




Our magical weekend retreat venue is Chick Dog Farm, a charming 40-acre family farm in the Gateway to Canyon Country, Cortez, Colorado. This quiet and private oasis with convenient access to wide open spaces of the desert southwest, is where extraordinary memories are created and where unplugging results in true connection.


Outdoor art and activities are planned, and high-desert summer weather does vary, please pack and dress accordingly. 




The retreat starts at 5:00 pm on the evening of Thursday, August 19th and concludes at noon on Sunday, August 22, 2021. 



Unless otherwise indicated pricing for all retreat package options include accommodations, all creative salons with guided meditations, creative supplies, all meals, movement sessions, bodywork and feedback of your work after each session. 

Chick Dog Farm Package: $575

Surrounded by rich farmland and orchards this enchanting family farm run by "Farm Chick" Joy Cochran offers participants a cozy, down-home, budget-friendly experience. This package has 4 spaces available.


The Warehouse at Goodman Point Package: $875 - $1275 

Located just down the lane from retreat venue Chick Dog Farm, The Warehouse at Goodman Point, is a one-of-a-kind lodging experience that gives participants a variety of pricing options and a serene place to rest and rejuvenate during our creative adventures. This package has 8-10 spaces available. 


Day Student Package: $375

This package does not include overnight accommodations and is available to local residents only. 


This retreat has 12-15 spaces available.