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Creative Escapes


Creative Escape:

Writing, Art and Visioneering for Women 

Four Days of Art, Writing, Visioneering and Community

in a Creek-side House in Sedona.

September 26 - 29, 2019

Sedona, AZ



Set amongst the brilliant red buttes of one of the most beautiful cities in the world, The Creative Escape weekend in Sedona is your long-awaited respite. 


Designed especially for women, the Creative Escape weekend is led by “Visionkeeper” Jacquie Donahue, whose work as a Gateless Trained Writing Teacher and Visual Artist is especially potent for awakening your most innate creative genius with curiosity, warmth and a sweet recognition of where your greatest strengths lie. Get ready to experience one of the most delicious weekends of your life.

What you will experience: 

Pilates and Yoga: Each morning Heidi Grangaard, Certified Yoga, Pilates and Fitness Instructor invites us to the mat to start the day and gift our body with gentle rituals of embodiment, mindful breath-work and movement to stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system, relax body and mind and help open portals to creativity and wisdom. While you move your body, our personal chef  will be preparing us an organic breakfast to start your day.  


Gateless Writing Salons: Each morning, we will dive into the bliss of the Gateless Writing Salon. Working in the lineage of the Gateless tradition, Jacquie marries ancient Zen technique with creative brain science and finds the power and beauty in the stories you hold inside. Gateless brings forth the stories you most need to tell and lets them live in the external world of the page. Suggestions, critique or advice is never allowed in Gateless circles. This is a time for us to mine our stories for what has energy and power. This is where we develop a deep love affair with ourselves. 


Intuitive Visual Art Salons: Jana Davis, visual and intuitive artist, leads us in exploring the world of intuitive art, a joyful, spontaneous practice of letting outcome go in favor of freeing the inner artist. This playful engagement has the power to fly us into the unknown with wild abandon. Together we will journey into the landscapes of artistic soul, court the living presence of nature, the archetypes within and find a source of joy that we can touchstone again and again when we need the juice of creative expression in our lives.


Gateless Feedback Sessions: At the end of the writing and visual art salons, you will experience the incredible gift of Gateless feedback. Here we collectively show you the strength of the work you just did. The circle focuses on what has power and genius in your work, and you begin to lean into the surprising potency of what you are capable of. This is where we practice seeing self and other through the judgment-free lens of where the work holds beauty. We re-awaken our own Vision-keeping skills as we peer through the filters of the human condition into what shines and inspires.


Feedback sessions are where we grow deep roots, wisely heal what no longer serves, discover what we love and form our tribe. 


Bodywork: Joy Cochran, a skilled massage therapist will be on hand to move blocks out of the body so you can move with a deep freedom of expression. This hands-on nurturing allows the body to associate the creative process with a natural bliss response that can shift neurotransmitters so that visioning, writing and creating can happen in a state of flow. 

Food Glorious Food: Critically-acclaimed chef, Becky Windels, executive Chef/Owner Vegetable Butcher Culture Kitchen in San Luis Obispo, CA and founder and former Executive Chef of the Herb Box Restaurants in Scottsdale, AZ will be on hand to cook for us, wowing us with her incredible talent in the kitchen and catering to any food sensitivities.


Creative Escapes will not only bring you to your true genius, you will come away with an intimate new community of women and return home with powerful Visioneering skills and stunning pieces of writing and visual art.

Is This for You?

Sweetheart, Creative Escapes: Writing, Art and Visioneering for Women is for you if: 

  • You feel ready to burst through old patterning and discover the power and brilliance of who you know you can be. 

  • You feel called to re-imagine what’s possible for you in your life at this moment. 

  • You yearn to be more creative. 

  • You are looking for lasting tools that will assist you in your spiritual and creative work. 

  • You are seeking an intimate community of like-minded women. 

  • You’d love to cozy up in a beautiful place, laugh, get bodywork, feast on home-cooked meals and be creative.




The Creative Escapes retreat on Oak Creek in Sedona, Arizona starts the evening of Thursday, September 26th and continues until late Sunday morning, September 29, 2019. The following schedule will help coordinate your travel plans:



4:00 pm Arrive, settle in, have a look around. 

6:00 pm Welcome meal at the house and intimate meet and greet. 

7:00 pm Gateless Methodology, an introduction 

7:30 pm Gateless Writing Salon with Feedback Session



8:30 am Good Morning Yoga / Pilates 

9:30 am Gateless Writing & Intuitive Art Salon 

2:30 pm Gateless Writing & Intuitive Art Salon 

7:00 pm Gateless Writing Salon with Feedback Session



8:30 am Good Morning Yoga / Pilates 

9:30 am Gateless Writing & Intuitive Art Salon 

2:00 pm Afternoon is open to roam the town, hike, nap, write / create on your own, explore, schedule own spa services, nurture self your way. 

7:00 pm Gateless Writing & Feedback Salon



8:00 am Good Morning Yoga / Pilates 

9:00 am Gateless Writing & Intuitive Art Salon 

12:00 p.m. Closing Ritual


  • Morning meals are buffet style, whenever you wake-up or arrive at retreat house. 

  • Lunch, served family style at retreat house, is at 1:00 p.m. 

  • Dinner, served family style at retreat house, is at 6:00 p.m.


Unless otherwise indicated these prices include all salons with guided meditation, art supplies, all meals, bodywork and my written feedback of your work after each session. 


  • Shared room in retreat house: $1275. 

  • Day students: $975, accommodations are not included


  • September 26 - 29, 2019

How to Register:

To register, please click the link below.

This retreat has 12 spaces available. 

I can’t wait to cozy up in the supportive community of women, spend time in nature and the red-rocks of Sedona and be wildly creative with you! 


Location: Sedona, AZ

Our magical weekend retreat home is a charming creekside island-house in the heart of Sedona’s stunning Red Rocks and mystical vortexes. Private and quiet with Oak Creek streaming by on both sides there’s plenty of space to take walks, enjoy nature, create and relax.


This enchanting Sedona retreat is where extraordinary memories are created and where unplugging results in true connection. 

Outdoor art and activities possible, please dress accordingly.


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