Rituals can be many things, touchstones to ground ourselves in the present moment, aids to brave storms of unexpected events and unpleasant surprises. Guides to the art of embracing time, ensuring we focus on what matters and waste little wondering what is coming next. Practices to still the mind and court “something” greater. Ritual is a way to welcome back the complexity of the whole self and find the creative power that lies there.


The rituals offered here are fashioned from basic, easy-to-follow guidelines and simple practices that pacify the part of the brain looking for order, so the creative mind is allowed to explore freely.


We hope you will enjoy the rituals you find here. They are offered as some ideas and to give you a foundation. The rituals you embrace and create may be wholly different from these. And that’s exactly right. Ritual will always alchemize to who you are, it is a potent and powerful spiritual provision. 

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