Awakening a New Creative Age.

Our virtual courses are about us coming together in small, intimate groups, to peer beneath the obvious, peel back layers of story, learn to trust the twists and turns of spiritual growth, and pour forth the potent parts of self that have been cut away or closed down in order to fit into an existing external paradigm. 


Each gathering is a way to welcome back the complexity of the whole self, do the work you've been scared to do, turned away from or lacked respect for only because you were not sure of the 

immeasurable nature of your own greatness and its power to evolve into a force of nature that can suffuse change, beauty and goodness throughout the world.  

The course offerings will help you:  

  • Focus, and access places within the self that house your creative energy, wisdom and genius. 

  • Remember that your wounds are places of abundant creative potency and carry with them all that you need to heal and live your best life.

  • Encourage you to come to the table with your whole self, not just aspects you “like” or deem “good enough".

  • Peer beyond the ordinary into the mysterious realms where every answer and guidance you seek is waiting.

  • Become more confident in expressing yourself and gain deeper understanding of your resources, the power of your stories, and you ability to actualize what you imagine and desire.