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Jacquie Donahue
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The Ample Goddess

Dare to discover what it means to restore the feminine in a world that has long forsaken it.

Are You Ready?

To feel at home in your skin.

To initiate change.

Find your voice.

Make your mark.

Wield your power.

Embody your divine feminine self, the Ample Goddess in you.

I Believe You Are Ready.

Yes, you!

Sail your genius into the world!


My practices, inspiring rituals, ceremony, loving encouragement and community support help guide you to that place within where the confines of self-limitation are dropped and “something” else more open, receptive and wildly creative is reborn.


How Can I Help?

Are you frustrated by old patterns, when what you really want is change?

I can help you untangle old habits and beliefs, find your truth, re-write your story and effect the change you seek.


Do you long to experiment, experience new activities, but fear being judged?

You are not alone. I can help you still the inner critic, court your muse, and rouse the innovate artist within.

Are you feeling stuck, uncertain how to begin, blind to your own creative genius?

I can help you find ways to kickstart your creative process, follow your bliss, find your voice, draw inspiration from your life and joyfully travel the feminine path of creative expression.


Are you looking for ways to do the work you’ve been scared to do?

I’ll show you how to find ways to be brave, untangle limiting beliefs, be a magnet for ideas, insights and inspiration, express the unseen and pour forth the potent parts of self that hold your unique genius.


Are you starving for a community of like-minded women who will build you up and show you where you shine?

I attract women who are ready to buoy the creative urge, give it fodder, access their strongest, highest selves and shift their lives. Group work helps us all grow.

I've been there too.


In Case We Haven't Met, I'm Jacquie...

  • Devotee of the Goddess and the feminine way.

  • Intuitive artist and Gateless writer.

  • Passionate student of all things subtle, out-of-the-ordinary, overlooked and unspoken!

  • Lover of laughter and spontaneous combustion.

  • A woman who struggled but prevailed to find her own voice and creative vision.

  • Member of the wounded healer and wild at heart tribe.


I’m fiercely devoted to diving in deeply, following what I love, sitting with the unknown, flowing with the creative impulse, sailing genius into the world in my own unique way, and gently guiding you to do the same. 

You Simply Need to Take the First Step.