Awakening a New Creative Age


Everyone wants to move into the future in a better way, be brighter and more impactful versions of themselves. 


But we’ve been brought up with the belief that competition not collaboration is inherent to success.  We have been told to think through our decisions rather than acting solely from the intuit. Society often leads us to believe constructs are more important than the creative, and criticism is a must if we want to grow. We often look at others as possible threats and feel the urge to fight for what’s ours rather than work with all the resources we’ve been given. 


Living in a constant state of competition, cognitive thinking and criticism rather than collaboration, intuition and creativity is a breeding ground for a cutthroat environment in both the personal and professional realms. This kind of culture cuts spirit off from body and keeps us stuck fighting or fleeing, rather than growing and thriving. 


Holding onto survival programming--competition, fixed mindsets, intellectualism and criticism--makes it difficult to move toward the creative fulfilment of your own greatest dreams and desires.


We’ve been brought up in a society that often advocates rational decision making and competition as the only path to achievement. We have been taught to make every choice with the thinking mind and a reliance on external authority. 


In fact we are capable of living in direct and dynamic relationship to the world. We don’t need mental faculties incessantly deferring our enjoyment of life by coming in to comment on it, judge it, ensconce it in labels, meaning and identity. 


To access your own truth, you only need to collaborate with that place inside that the intellectual mind cannot access or see. This is the place that houses the “something” within that is wild and magical and unapologetically you.


The fact is the cognitive mind often misses red flags. The body actually knows before the brain does who or what is beneficial or toxic for you. 


The senses are a palette of endless creative consciousness opening you into direct contact with the world through infinite colors, energetic textures and the incandescent feelings of being alive. The senses communicate to us a continual harvest of brilliance, wisdom and intuition, free of any absorbed influences or residue of the past. 

As you tune into the sensory body, rather than the thinking mind, you connect with your innate intuition, and contact your own unique reality.  In this way, you access your “power guide”, who can help you make authentic decisions and fulfill your personal happiness. 


In other words...ask the body not the mind.


In any given moment a lot of intel runs through the mind--our self-talk. More often than not, that voice can play a highly judgmental role, acting as an inner critic who cautions us away from risk and tells us how to fix and “better” ourselves. However, that’s not the role true self-to-self talk serves. 


Another, softer voice exists below the inner critic, that celebrates you as it re-frames the ordinary on a cosmic level and mirrors what is possible. Because we’ve been separated from the imagistic, non-rational Feminine Mind for so long, we’ve lost our ability to truly understand this voice and the vision it bestows. It is a voice that encourages you to create, reminds you of the upsides of risks, and points out your resourcefulness. 


It is only by first befriending and then silencing the inner critic that we can access this more meaningful, all-seeing voice. One powerful way to do this is to focus on what you did right in your life, what you accomplished, rather than what brought you shame or made you feel inept. This simple shift helps connect us to what makes us unique. 


When practiced routinely, this shift will have incredible impact on how you sail your ideas and inspirations out into the world.


When interacting with others, we’re often taught to focus on what’s wrong, rather than what’s right, unique or inspiring. Have you ever considered doing the opposite?

Brain science studies at Johns Hopkins, Stanford, Harvard and the National Institute of Health have found that criticism activates the fight or flight mechanism in the brain and limits access to the pre-frontal cortex. In other words, what we focus on grows. Focus on what you don’t like in another person or yourself, and you’ll find this magnified. 


Similar to setting an intention and waiting for it to manifest, an adjustment in how you view yourself and the world around you could make a huge difference in how you access your genius, wisdom and infinite potential. 


Complements and a celebration of self are simple practices, they build intimacy within the internal system of consciousness. Anxious conditioning is replaced with positive expressions and images. As affirmations circulate through the waking mind, the nervous system is grounded and self is radically nurtured and loved. You are reminded how it feels to be comfortable in your own skin, beautiful inside and out. 


You will be amazed by how quickly reframing what you focus on tones the nervous system, shifts experiences from negative to positive and opens the mind to consider new and exciting possibilities. The practices and memory tools we use move you out of the very subtle state of fight-or-flight we tend to find ourselves in with contemporary culture and into a creative landscape of limitless possibilities.


Awakening reverses the patterns of fight-or-flight and reliance on a fixed mindset. 


By silencing the part of the brain associated with criticism and focusing on core strengths and natural talent, we move into the incredible landscape of the imaginative mind. As we awaken, we become able to see through human conditioning and find our true power and innate creative potency. 


We all start as an apprentice and through practice become Creator-self of our lives.

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